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acctg staff

So what will I actually be doing?

  • Audit cashiers’ daily documents from the POS.
  • Prepare batching of small bills and ensure that small bills are available at all times
  • Deposit total cash sales and check; and witness bank pick up
  • Ensure correctness on billing of credit /debit cards with audited summary report.
  • Manage the preparation of month end reports to be submitted to Officers.

The nitty gritty

You are responsible in monitoring the sales of the warehouse. You will give daily accurate and timely sales audit/ vault report and safeguard the company assets at the register.

You will ensure that the sales will be deposited to company’s account and that all accountability funds such as the revolving, petty cash and tip fund are always intact.

Once you’ve established a good performance, proven your dedication and gained expertise, you may be one of the assets of the company and be promoted as Asst. Treasury Supervisor.

OK, I’m interested... but is it really the job for me?

  • Assertive and can easily deal with people
  • Work and result oriented
  • Has the ability to work under pressure and with positive outlook
  • Honest and trust-worthy
  • Has a sense of ownership and enthusiasm to succeed.
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