Welcome to S&R

S&R Membership Shopping is a warehouse club that retails premium quality imported products and services in the Philippines.

Our goal is to become an integral part of our members' lives. As a membership club, we are a reliable provider of quality merchandise at the lowest possible price, focused on driving profitable sales and improving our members' purchasing power. To date, S&R members can enjoy world-class shopping nationwide in 26 warehouse branches and 59 Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). Our target is to build new warehouses and more QSRs that can be accessible for best deals and members' value for money.

S&R is your ticket to a huge selection of imported products all over the world. Delight to quality food, wines & liquor, furniture, appliances, health & beauty products, household items, and a whole lot more!

Inside the store, you can also find Food Service, Deli Corner (select clubs only), and Tire Center (select clubs only). Each club has its own Food Service that serves the famous S&R New York Style Pizza, Southern Style Fried Chicken, 100% All Beef Hotdog, Cheeseburger, French Fries, and more. Indulge in premium coffee, sumptuous cakes & pastries, and delightful imported ice cream located at the Deli Corner. S&R members are also entitled to free automotive tire services such as mounting & installation, valves, weights, nitrogen tire inflation, and balancing & wheel weights at the Tire Center. 

Imported Groceries

No need to fly around the globe to try premium international products!  Experience a wide selection of food, beverages, appliances, health supplements, household items, and a lot of exclusive member’s offers!

Have access to popular brands globally and SAVE the hassle of flying out of the country. All you need is your membership card and visit any S&R club! 


Freshest Choice Cuts and Premium Frozen Goods

Gain access to fresh international meat locally! Savor to our imported Australian and New Zealand lamb and beef which are available in select cuts, ready to use, and packed for your convenience.

We offer both international and local premium fruits, vegetables, cheese, and frozen ready-to-cook meals.

Readily available to any member at any S&R club!


Home Essentials Sourced Around the World

You don’t have to go anywhere for your home essential needs, we have it here for you! Select from our huge set of home appliances, kitchenware, and furniture—sourced around the globe

Enjoy the latest electronics, dinner set, or colorful bedsheets and linens. We also have stylish clothes and footwear, exclusively for our members!

Take pleasure in a one-stop shopping experience, only at S&R!


Big Deals and Even Bigger Savings

Great buying power comes with a great amount of savings. Achieve HUGE SAVINGS when buying a HUGE amount of items. SAVE MORE on your purchases of paper products, cleaning supplies, and laundry items.

Earn more value for money on purchasing big-sized merchandise and bulk goods—SAVE energy, time, and effort every time you visit the store.


Exclusive deals for exclusive members to our exclusive brand—Member’s Value.

We bring you exceptional quality and superior value from bread, party packs, pet food, home essentials, and other grocery items.

Member’s Value shows how we maintain value to every member we have!