Tajima Beef Yakiniku 1kg
Tajima Beef
Tajima Beef Yakiniku 1kg
Tajima Beef

Tajima Beef Yakiniku 1kg

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  • Single Item
  • Beef Yakiniku in 1 packaging
  • U.S. Meat Export Federation Certified
  • Tasty and Flavorful
  • Rich in protein

Actual Weight: 1.01 KGs

Product Dimensions: 9 x 1 x 14

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  • Hosting a home-made Samgyup session tonight at your place with your friends? Sounds like a fantastic, scrumptious idea! Annyeonghaseyo with Tajima Beef Yakiniku that can help you take the flavors of samgyupsal right into your kitchen. You and your family will definitely enjoy the chewy yet tender texture of the meat, as well as its strong beefy flavor. The beef can make your body well-nourished too!

    Now, you got EVERYTHING ready for Samgyupsal night with friends! That’s because Tajima Beef Yakiniku will keep the Korean barbecue sizzling tonight!

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  • Here at S&R Membership Shopping, we make sure that our products are always fresh and that your product will be delivered to your home within any applicable use by, sell by, best by or expiration dates.

    Store the beef in your freezer to ensure its freshness. Consume in four days.

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