Arla Pro Whip and Cook 1L
Whip & Cook
Arla Pro Whip and Cook 1L
Whip & Cook

Arla Pro Whip and Cook 1L

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  • Single Item
  • Multi-purpose Cream in 1 packaging
  • Perfect for whipping
  • Has 3x Whipping Volume
  • Good for baking or cooking applications

Actual Weight: 1.05 KGs

Product Dimensions: 4 x 2.3 x 8.3

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  • Trying to find the perfect cream in making those creamy, savory dishes plus another one for the delectable, dairy-based desserts? With Arla Whip & Cook, you don't need to find anything else. 

    Arla Whip & Cook is perfect for making a whipped cream with its 3x whipping volume, perfect for any dessert -- from cakes to macarons. But the high quality milk of Arla Whip & Cook also serves to make any dish milky and tasty. With its versatility, Arla Whip & Cook remains acid-stable and retains its properties even when heated on a high temperature. So why look for anything else? With Arla Whip & Cook, you definitely have it all.

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  • We ensure you that it's Always Fresh and Delivered Daily. We guarantee the FRESHNESS and QUALITY satisfaction of this product. We'll make sure to deliver it right at your doorstep with any applicable use by, sell by, best by, or expiration dates.

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