Blakk 32-inch Smart LED TV KSSTV-32HDA
Blakk 32-inch Smart LED TV KSSTV-32HDA

Blakk 32-inch Smart LED TV KSSTV-32HDA

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  • Single Item
  • Smart LED TV in 1 box
  • Runs android 9.0 operating system, High Brightness, High Contrast Ratio, Built-in wifi, Audio return chanel with 16:9 Widescreen Comes with remote control
  • 230V, 60Hz, 48W
  • Rj45x1, AV input x 2, HDMI, HDMI CEC, VGA and USB portfor Multi-media supported

Actual Weight: 5.16 KGs

Product Dimensions: 30.5 x 4.5 x 19

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  • Once you go BLAKK, you will never go back! This Blakk Smart LED Television is the new revolutionary viewing appliance that you would definitely want. It runs Android 9, and as a smart TV, you can now watch your favorite shows via livestream. Stream your favorite shows with you family and friends with Blakk Smart LED Television!

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  • Place in a secured area without obstructions.

    Check its functions before using.

    Double check items for defects before using.

    Make sure to check it at least twice a month for maximum performance and efficiency.

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