Tylr Motion Sensor LED Light 3pcs

Tylr Motion Sensor LED Light 3pcs

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  • Multi-pack
  • LED Light in 1 packaging
  • 1500mAh
  • 1500mAh 3 - 5 Meters Detection Range
  • Packaging may vary depending on stock availability

Actual Weight: 0.76 KGs

Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 1.5 x 9.5

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  • Are you ready to effortlessly brighten up your surroundings with a touch of modern convenience? Introducing Tylr Motion Sensor LED Lights - a set of three innovative and wireless LED lights that bring illumination exactly where you need it. Embrace the power of smart lighting for a brighter and more efficient home!

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  • Tylr Motion Sensor LED Lights instantly light up when motion is detected, providing automatic illumination in dark spaces. Say goodbye to fumbling for switches - let smart lighting guide your way!

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