S&R Large Shrimp approx. 1.2kg

S&R Large Shrimp approx. 1.2kg

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  • Sold per kilo
  • Shrimp in 1 packaging
  • Rich in protein, perfect for people bulking up
  • Chewy meat with a hint of fish flavor
  • Can be served fried, baked, or buttered

Actual Weight: 1.2 KGs

Product Dimensions: 9 x 1.8 x 5.5

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  • Keep it short and shrimp-le! S&R Large Shrimp is perfect especially if you want something different yet fancy for your beer party. The chewy meat and its mild fishy flavor can complement your cold beer. It's rich in protein, so the guys who are shaping up their bodies can enjoy your dish without guilt. 

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  • Highly recommended in following the indicated shelf life and to use the product on the same day the packaging has been opened.

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