Blakk Hand Mixer KHHM-752GRY
Blakk Hand Mixer KHHM-752GRY

Blakk Hand Mixer KHHM-752GRY

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  • Single item
  • Electric Hand mixer in 1 box
  • Power: 200W
  • 5-speed control perfect for your baking and other cooking needs
  • Fork and muddler accessories included

Actual Weight: 1 KG

Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 x 7.5

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  • Mixing ingredients for activities like baking or cooking in general is really just not worth the effort and time. It can be very inefficient, leaving your ingredients poorly mixed or lumpy. With the Blakk Hand Mixer, you can be powered by an electronic mixer to make cooking and baking easier and hassle free. Since it comes with 5-speed control and and ejector knob, you can assure the proper, appropriate or desired speed for your ingredients or recipe of choice. Since cooking and food preparation can be diverse, the Blakk Hand Mixer  also comes with a fork and muddler accessories for various mixing needs. Choose Blakk Hand Mixer  and make mixing easier, faster, and safer.

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  • Keep ans store parts and accessory properly to avoid loss. Exercise caution while using as moving parts may cause harm is not used properly. 

    Keep away from babies and children.

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