Mt. Olive Kosher Dills 3.78L

Mt. Olive Kosher Dills 3.78L

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  • Single Item
  • Kosher dills in 1 Packaging
  • Cucumber vine
  • Since 1926
  • Packaging may vary depending on stock availability

Actual Weight: 4.94 KGs

Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 10.5

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  • Exceptionally crunchy and tangy whole pickles, offering a robust and satisfying garlic flavor. Made from the freshest cucumbers, these pickles provide a delightful snacking option, a perfect complement to sandwiches and burgers, and a guilt-free, low-calorie treat that will satisfy your cravings

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  • Crisp and tart whole dill pickles that offer a tangy and bright pickle flavor. Packed with fresh cucumbers at their peak of freshness, these dills are infused with garlic and provide a satisfying crunch, making them a delightful snack, a perfect addition to sandwiches, and a versatile treat for various occasions

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