Chingu Grape Soju 4 bottles

Chingu Grape Soju 4 bottles

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  • Multi-Pack (4pcs)
  • Soju in 1 bottle
  • 12% Alcohol Volume
  • Grape-flavored
  • Product of South Korea

Actual Weight: 2.62 KGs

Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 9

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  • Quadruple the bottles, quadruple the fun! 

    Complete your ultimate Korean night with Chingu's Grape Soju! Enjoy this Sweet Bundle from the world’s no. 1 Soju while binge-watching your favorite K-Drama or feasting in a Samgyeopsal!

    Drink to the sweet and fruitful flavors, either with friends or family! This sweet and playful taste will satisfy your Korean cravings—a neutral spirit with natural and artificial flavors.

    Channel your inner Korean spirit with drinks at S&R! 

  • Specifications +

  • For unopened Soju:
    Expiration can be indefinite as long as if properly stored.

    Keep in a cool, dark place with bottles placed on their sides.

    For opened Soju:
    About 6 months before noticeable degradation in flavor and quality.

    Store inside a tightly sealed container.

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