Magnolia Jumbo Chicken approx. 2.5kg

Magnolia Jumbo Chicken approx. 2.5kg

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  • Single Item
  • Whole chicken in 1 packaging
  • Protein-rich lean meat, healthy food for people who are bulking up
  • Rich in nutrients needed to support bodily functions
  • Whole cut, perfect for Filipino dishes

Actual Weight: 2.5 KGs

Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.5 x 11.5

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  • Make your roasted chicken or chicken adobo perfect using Magnolia Jumbo Chicken. Enjoy the chicken flavor and the tender meat of chicken from all of its parts. You'll also get to benefit from its high protein content which is good if you're bulking up. 

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  • Store the chicken in your freezer ensure to its freshness. Consume in four days.

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