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audit staff

So what will I actually be doing?

  • Ensure proper performance of billings and payroll verification
  • Perform checking of final pay
  • Extend support to warehouse audit staff when the need arise
  • Perform special audit / compliance checking if needed

The nitty gritty

Audit Staff usually works in a typical office set up and office hours. However, you must be flexible when you need to extend support to warehouse audit staff.

You should be open to shifting schedule because during Annual Physical Inventory you will be reporting on a graveyard shift.

You must also be keen to details in doing audit, compliance checking and final pay.

Most importantly, you must be objective and discreet as most of things being audited are confidential.


OK, I’m interested... but is it really the job for me?

  • Knowledgeable in auditing
  • Analytical
  • Trustworthy


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