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We look forward to serving you as a new Member of S&R Membership Shopping. Your membership privileges and conditions are described below. If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Department of S&R Membership Shopping.

1. Membership: Membership is available to all qualified individual 18 years of age and above. The applicant must submit two (2) valid identification cards or documents with photos. S&R Membership Shopping reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and membership is revocable without notice or cause. Membership is subject to any all adopted by S&R Membership Shopping and all adopted by S&R Membership Shopping and these rules maybe amended without prior notice.

2. Store Rules: Every member shall abide by the Store Rules adopted by S&R Membership Shopping. Store Rules may be amended from time to time.

3. Membership Cards and Fees: Membership fee is for a twelve-month period (1-year) from the date of application. Your membership card is valid at any S&R Membership Shopping location (Fort Bonifacio, Congressional, Alabang, and Aseana-Baclaran). You will be required to show your membership card upon entrance and when paying at the register. For lost or stolen cards (temporary or permanent), a replacement fee of P250 will be charged. Membership may be terminated at the discretion of S&R Membership Shopping. All cards remain as property of S&R Membership Shopping and must be returned upon request. Membership cards are non-transferable regardless whether the card is temporary or permanent. Both primary add-on will expire of the on the anniversary date of the primary cardholder.

4. Renewing, Adding or Deleting Cards: The Primary members-customer must authorize renewal or cardholder changes including any addition or deletion made and will be held fully responsible for the account. You will be notified of upcoming renewal each year. Payment of renewal fees can be done at any S&R Membership Shopping location. Membership renewal fee must be paid for all cardholders at the time of renewal. Membership will automatically be extended for an additional 12 Months (1-year) from expiration date upon receipt of renewal fees. Member will not be issued new cards each year and will continue to use the original membership card unless otherwise advised by S&R Membership Shopping.

5. Termination of Membership: S&R Membership Shopping will refund the membership fee to a member who expresses dissatisfaction at anytime. The primary cardholder may request for the termination of the membership account/s by serving a written notice upon S&R Membership Shopping. A month after issuance of card, membership fee refund will be computed on the pro-rated basis. The following are necessary for refund processing: membership card, official receipt and any valid identification with photo.

6. Payment: Payment can be made by cash, credit card or debit card authorized by S&R Membership Shopping.

7. Agreement on Return or Refund: The Member, his extension, and S&R agree that return or refund shall be governed by the following rules:
• Replacement or exchange will be done in the same warehouse location where the item/s was purchased.
• All defective merchandise for replacement or exchange must be returned within 7 days from the date of purchase.
• All merchandise for replacement or exchange must be accompanied with the original S&R Membership Shopping sales receipt.
• For non-food items, the merchandise must be returned complete with original packaging, manual and factory seals intact.
• Damaged or altered merchandise cannot be returned.
• Undergarments are non-returnable nor exchangeable.
• Certain items may be designated as “Service Center” items and these are non-refundable and will be returned to an authorized Service Center for repair under manufacturer’s warranty.
• For perishable items, replacement or exchange will only be done within the 24 hours from date of purchase.
• For food items, a minimum of 75% of the item must be returned.

8. Warranty Policies: S&R Membership Shopping honors all manufacturer’s warranties Merchandise must be returned with proof of purchase and registration certificate as applicable to a local manufacturer. The S&R Membership Shopping Return/Warranty Policy does not apply to any product or part thereof, which has been damaged through electrical voltage fluctuation, improper installation, misuse, alteration, attempts of repair, neglects, accident, removal/defacement of factory seals or serial numbers, damages from fire, flood, wind or water.

9. General Policies: Member-customers are welcome to bring their children and up to three (3) guests to S&R Membership Shopping. However, only the member-customer may purchase merchandise using his/her membership card. If the guests wish to shop, a 5% non-member fee will be charged. Parents are responsible for their children and should not leave them unattended. Opening of merchandise prior to purchase is not allowed. Member-customers are responsible for any opened or damaged merchandise by their guests, children or themselves. S&R Membership Shopping reserves the right to conduct body search and to inspect purses. Any backpack, bag, diaper bag, briefcase or camera must be surrendered at the package counter before entering the building. To ensure accuracy on all transactions, all receipts will be reviewed as you leave the building. S&R Membership Shopping is a non-smoking facility and no pets or weapons are allowed in the building. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

S&R Membership Shopping does not assume the obligation of a depositary or safe keeper of any vehicle and any content or part thereof while inside S&R Membership Shopping parking area. The member solely assumes all risks to his/her vehicle and its content when using the parking area through S&R Membership Shopping security personnel is posted thereat. The store is not, therefore, responsible for damage or loss to vehicle while at the parking area.

By submitting an application form for membership, the applicant warrants that he read and understood and gives his unqualified conformity to these terms and conditions of membership.
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